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I Make MEMES To Fight Wall Street. Our Gov is Actively Committing Treason. Followed by @unusual_whales 🐋 & AMC CEO @CEOAdam 🍿 $AMC #AMC
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@SanchezWasTaken Putin should absolutely take Ukraine. This is a globalist money laundering proxy war and Ukraine and America are in the wrong because of their biolabs. America is NOT in the right here, that’s clear as day

Can someone please explain to me why we are sending 31 Abrams tanks worth $400 million to Ukraine? This is a globalists proxy war. #MoneyLaundering Also can someone explain to me how a tank costs $13,000,000? The military mark ups to tax payers are the same as Big Pharmas 💰

Just so everyone is crystal clear on what’s happening, the United States Government is now taking money out of American’s retirements while simultaneously proposing billions more in “foreign aid” to Ukraine… aka the #WorldEconomicForum

Pretty crazy how huge of a story the FTX / Ukraine money laundering scheme was and not a single politician of person outside of SBF has been arrested or charged with anything… #DrainTheSwamp #OneBigClub #Uniparty

Janet Yellen telling you were raising the debt ceiling or she’s going to stop new investments in Retirement/ Disability Funds after the Gov passed funding for a $3.6m Michelle Obama hiking trail, a "Ukraine Independence Park" in DC, & a "Speaker Pelosi Federal Building" is INSANE

Everybody that has a 🇺🇦 in their profiles is supporting the #WorldEconomicForum Zelenskyy said he will be attending Davos #WEF in 2023 The US Gov is sending $10s of billions to the real NAZIs #Ukraine #KlausSchwab #UkraineRussiaWar #BillGates #FauciLiedMillionsDied #Gates

I did NAZI that coming…. Zelensky Signs Controversial News Media Regulation 🚫 The United States Government is literally funding the real NAZIs… #WorldEconomicForum #Ukraine #Zelensky #KlausSchwab #UkraineRussiaWar #BillGates #FauciLiedMillionsDied

I DO NOT care about Ukraine, not at all. I DO NOT care about Volodymyr Zelenskyy. If youre dumb enough to fall for the globalist money laundering proxy war & support this political theater YOU ARE BRAINWASHED 🌀🌀 #Zelensky #Zelenskyy #UkraineRussianWar #UkraineWarNews #Ukraine

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