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@elonmusk @RenataKonkoly Sorry, but its not the game of "Risk". Ukraine fights for its homeland and existence. Russia fights for a brutal dictator propped up by corrupt oil money. 3X the population ain't going to go die over in Ukraine for Putin. Not going to happen.

@DavidSacks @elonmusk A reasonable Peace Deal: Leave now (ALL of Ukraine including Crimea) Pay reparations and a punitive penalty of 5x the actual damages. Surrender all nukes. Execute Putin. Resign from the UN Security Council.

@nathaliejacoby1 @ChrystalLynn20 @TheJusticeDept DOJ not keeping up. Trump's old crimes like obstructing the Mueller report falling off the statute of limitations while he continues to commit new crimes (Espionage Act). Dozens of felonies in the meanwhile like Jan 6, Extorting Ukraine, Russia Collusion, etc.

@AnthonySabatini The world needs to agree to a tax on ALL Russian oil to pay back reparations to Ukraine and other countries that helped defend her.

@gtconway3d If you lied about the election, defended his solicitation of a bribe from Ukraine, lied about Russia not being involved in 2016, supported fake electors, supported insurrectionists, or excused any of Trump's other crimes, you are bad people.

@blmohr @WendySiegelman Would be a shame if Ukraine had some missiles that could reach those pretty targets.

@ZaleskiLuke Don't forget the insurrection and the solicitation of a bribe from Ukraine. Also, Trump killed 1/2 million people by leading the charge of Covid denial and anti-masking.

@NickAdamsinUSA Putin would have totally invaded Ukraine. He would have paid off Trump with "a favor, though", and Trump would have handed it to him with a smile on his face and a lie on his lips for America.

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