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Government bureaucracy has constantly failed the people of Ukraine. Now, volunteers have stepped up to the plate.

Russia admitted its goals of regime change in Ukraine. But that isn’t a reason for the U.S. to get more involved

The actions of Russia under Vladimir Putin put the country on the side of autocracy and repression. But the West should be clear-eyed about the ways that Ukraine is, and isn't, living up to its end of the democracy-and-liberty formulation.

Biden has promised not to send troops to Ukraine, but the United States is playing an extremely active role in the conflict.

The U.S. should arm Ukraine against Russia, argued @CathyYoung63 at @TheSohoForum. @scotthortonshow said America's only role is to call for a ceasefire and negotiations. @GeneSohoForum moderated.

Much of what the Biden administration has done to help Ukraine has fallen short of formal involvement in the war, but just barely.

Joe Biden announced an additional $800 million in weapons aid for Ukraine following last week's news that CIA personnel are directing intelligence in Kyiv.

While stimulus checks, government spending, and Putin’s invasion of Ukraine all impacted inflation, Biden continues to make matters much worse

Just like in the United States, Germany's energy problems predate the war in Ukraine.

The history of Ukraine and Russia goes all the way back to the Middle Ages. It raises interesting questions about the role that different visions of liberty and the state played in their development.

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