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If you read between the lines, the USA is telling Ukraine that they better start to negotiate and declare some sort of "victory." https://t.co/fXBhSTYAUj

I am sure Americans are prepared to suffer to ensure that the Donbas region goes not breakaway from Ukraine. It is who we are. https://t.co/32RrNbpkYX

Good news! There is no longer a need to send Ukraine even more of our money. They are winning glorious victory after glorious victory. https://t.co/aCInAgh2XO

Well, making sure that Donbas stays as part of Ukraine is worth it. https://t.co/0OBxrZaFd9

We are willing to pay that price to ensure Donbas stays in Ukraine and gay pride parades flourish in Kiev. That is who we are.

40 billion pissed away as mainstream media has now dropped the narrative that Ukraine is winning. They are now desperate for a settlement with Russia. https://t.co/mviEo27QET

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