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@christogrozev They got up like crazy mutant zombies, arms everywhere, drooling foam from the mouth staring blankly into the distance! So I got up and run as fast as I could, so I wouldn't be Nazi Zombied.Go Ukraine Robot Soldiers encircle, capture then Parade them on the streets for Mad Vlad

@BBCWorld I think it's a few months late, Putlar has already made fools of you all by intimidation!. Sanctions, financial and weapons support is not enough now, we the Public know where this is heading. We were quick to jump into war for other non NATO countries, Ukraine has energy too!

@raytex58 @KyivIndependent Leaders have been walking on eggshells around Putin for a decade plus, Ukraine has shown us they are weak when challenged. Is this not the best time to reinforce the Ukrainian work ethic. Putin would not take the chance of a Nuclear strike and even if NATO just masses at Borders.

@EuromaidanPR Me Too! Very, very disappointed! Because I tweeted last week if he is able to work remotely(in Ukraine) for a while.? To be a Human shield, Now I know why! He's a little hard of hearing and maybe would not hear the sirens.....馃 it's morraly just not up his street.....

@ukraine_world Dear Pope, any chance of you relocating to Ukraine and continue to work remotely ! Because we have 30 leaders, a NATO, a U.N. all walking on eggshells because of one maniac and his followers. A human shield would be appreciated. #stopthegenocide #RussiaIsATerroristState

@golub Maybe to defeat TERRORISTS, unfortunately we may have to act like Terrorists! Sometimes political discussions are not just enough..Time is now to Play Dirty and be ruthless, unforgiving, as sad as it sounds. This is not an Army Ukraine is against, it's a Machine of Destruction

@AlxHamiltn @KyivIndependent Ukraine is at present protecting the people of the civilised world from a Nation who's leader has lost the plot.When it's time for the West to assist, help rebuilding it's friends in Ukraine, it will be strong, independent and a don't fuck with me country again. just like Poland!

@ukraine_world @washingtonpost @ZelenskyyUa In these trying times for Ukraine and for the safety of Russian People it would be the sensible thing to to! I know here in Poland if a Russian accent is heard on the street, bars and restaurants it is not warmly welcomed ...

@ukraine_world Another Yugoslavia in the making! This time the European Leader's sit and worry of energy crisis ahead! A cold winter awaits Europe for all, especially Ukraine, ,man up and do your job. To Protect and Defend the European nation's.Not one person will push the button, even Putlar.

@RonFilipkowski Send him into Ukraine, while he's on fire... before burn out !!馃 Putlar Alex is on his way!

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