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Ali Koç, the chairman of Fenerbahçe football club, whose fans chanted Putin’s name during a match with an Ukrainian club, says he won’t apologise from Ukraine Instead, he says, the Ukrainian ambassador should apologise for his critical remarks https://t.co/1racwUB1g3

Haluk Bayraktar, Baykar’s CEO, said last week that he wouldn't sell drones to Russia. "Turkey supports Ukraine with armed drone technology. We did not transmit or supply anything to Russia. We would never do such a thing.” https://t.co/JRHPB4FTzI

First grain shipments under UN-brokered deal to leave Ukraine 'this week': infrastructure minister — AFP

NEW: Ukraine is still preparing for grain exports from its ports despite the Russian missile assault — Ukraine’s infrastructure minister

Ukraine says Putin 'spits in the face' of UN, Turkey with Odessa attack — AFP

Russian missiles strike Ukraine's Odessa port, a day after Moscow signed a grain deal. Odessa is crucial to the wheat exports and the agreement

The deal is likely to validate Turkey’s policy of neutrality in the Ukraine conflict, which would also strengthen Erdogan on the world stage as a leader who has made progress in resolving the grain crisis It also puts immense responsibility on Ankara https://t.co/JwAnqePlZ8

Khamenei, during talks with Putin, said that if Russia had not stopped NATO's actions in Ukraine, then after a while the alliance would have started a war with Moscow under the pretext of Crimea anyway — RIA

Turkish defense minister Akar says another round of Turkey, Russia, Ukraine, UN meeting will take place next week in Turkey to review the further details. Only technical agreement so far

The Istanbul meeting between Turkey, Russia, and Ukraine ended, says the Turkish Defense Ministry

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