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@RealCandaceO Hopefully you will end up on trial in the Hague with all the other putin propagandists. Your beloved putin is getting his arse kicked in Ukraine

@spotthedonkey @IrexitFreedom Nobody in Ireland can be neutral when it comes to putin's illegal invasion of Ukraine . You are either on the side of good or pure evil( putin apologist)

@Independent_ie Why are we taking in healthy looking military aged refugees? Surely we should be offering refuge to women, children, the elderly and disabled fleeing war torn Ukraine but not young men who won't fight for their country

@rtenews The ambassador is out of order with her ungrateful commentary, I agree we should do our best to take in women,children,the elderly and disabled refugees from war torn Ukraine but we should not be taking in fit young men who should remain in Ukraine to fight for their country.

@Michael_O_Regan @rtenews What country had prepared for Putin's invasion of Ukraine and the displacement of many of its vulnerable citizens. Marylou is all mouth and has no solutions

@DavQuinn Plenty of empty churches that could be used to house refugees from war torn Ukraine

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