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Tech and honest views on the world situation from a small place on the eastern flank.
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@KatherineKrass @NikaMelkozerova Latvia has given 1% of its GDP to Ukraine, rehoused 1000s of refugees and doesn't feel it is owed anything and gives what it can without expectation because it remembers occupation and death at the hands of the Russians. Does Germany owe respect too because of Marshall Plan?

@Pontifex Wow, you still not getting this, after Pius XII debacle in WW2, you have to come out on the side of the oppressed. Russia needs to withdraw, rebuild Ukraine and do penance (something all good Catholics know about). You could even sell Russia an indulgence for €600bn

@CarlosVHabsburg @TSHamiltonAstro @mtracey Except for the continual bombing of most areas of Ukraine with ballistic/cruise missiles, and the continued occupation of South Ossetia, Transistria, its continued help to Assad, Wagner in Africa, the cyber attacks on the Baltics and the agit-prop throughout the world

@neferimhotep @amaragraps @UkraineDiary @TomMostlyZen No, there are always smaller incidents of ill treatment but Ukraine has been very clear about treating PoWs and have let ICRC meet with them, given them phone calls home, and the offer of sanctuary as opposed to the Russian attitude of torture and starvation

@blackintheempir Let me explain this to you: just because the media you read did not inform you of Russian aggression against Ukraine over the last 8 years, doesn't mean it wasn't reported to the other 99% of people.

@StimmeUkraine @bayraktar_1love @wartranslated Probably taken from Ukraine, they look too new and well looked after

@andersostlund It also means no gas through those pipe again... Germany better not escalate by giving Ukraine some weapons

The economic impact of taking men from jobs to throw into Ukraine is something I have not seen much analysis on, surely it will be a significant hit to GDP is they remove 3% of the male workforce in the next 3 months

@kamilkazani He can also demobilise and play the saviour of the Russian mothers, I cannot send your children to die in Ukraine, we have succeeded in defending Russia, lets all go home

@LILYERTAD @TadeuszGiczan Most of the CEE countries drink to forget the Russian occupation. Ukraine figures are probably much different now.

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