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@SaraJane101 @KimDotcom @drifter1944 When you have an option to die in russian filtration camp trying to cross to Ukraine or cross relatively easy to russia - you’d probably choose russia. There are approximately 10 million Ukrainians who moved within Ukraine as a result of the russian war.

@josephkiefer77 BS. I was born in russia. Lived in Ukraine for 17 years and never faced any «oppression». Just leave our peaceful country, murderers.

@Unorthodox_th Russia invaded Ukraine. Is that a fact for you or just “western mainstream media” conspiracy?

@DannyMagohe russia invaded Ukraine. Ukraine fights invaders. Everyone in their sane mind hates invaders. And world economy after COVID doesn’t need more turbulence. As simple as that.

@MagisterIR @RobertGibson27 @McFaul russians came there 8 years ago to start a war and genocide. Millions Ukrainians escaped that war to the peaceful part of Ukraine. But you know that, right?

@Kookee2k2 @yoongiamira @RWApodcast Ukraine has enormous infrastructure for creative production of anything.

@wyattreed13 @z0lga_Millen I was always surprised how lucky were russian journalists either barely escaping shellings from «Ukraine» or being at the places where shelling was in 1-2 minutes after. Then I realised that they just know the schedule. Probably not from Ukraine.

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