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@SkyNews Deliberate Wagner Group provocation? Strange as they can't beat Ukraine. Taking on NATO will guarantee the end of Putin and his absurd and evil war.

@yanisvaroufakis After the Russian manipulation of Ukraine's politics, they were not trusted then, certainly not now. The best Russia can hope for is a non-aggression pact in return for complete withdrawal of forces and reparations.

@johnsweeneyroar @doctor_oxford @Chris_D_Steele @GlobalPlayer Isn't the worry Russia creates a national humanitarian crisis in Ukraine to the point where the UN and NATO have to intervene? Neutralising the Russian Black Sea Fleet and taking air supremacy means war with the West.

@KyivIndependent The war will only end when Putin is removed, not when Ukraine retakes all occupied land.

@McFaul Hard to see how Ukraine can win the war and secure its borders without neutralising Russian aggression from Russian territory. There is an argument for taking out Putin sooner by drone strike or black op.

@ClareDalyMEP @PatKennyNT Nonsense. Putin is losing the war with an army that has depleted resources and low morale. The danger is what does when it's clearly won by Ukraine.

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