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Peter Strzok
26 year FBI and Army veteran. Georgetown School of Foreign Service adjunct professor and alum. NYT/W
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The FBI and USIC reviewed every one of HRC鈥檚 emails without the substance leaking. Finally, this process is taking place in the middle of a war in Ukraine. Real world events necessarily take priority over - and slow - this multi agency process.

The plain truth of the matter is the Trump presidency was the biggest counterintelligence disaster in the nation's history. It began during the campaign and didn鈥檛 end when he left office. It included Russia but also the UAE, PRC, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Ukraine, and more.

Patrick Byrne, one of several men once in an intimate relationship with convicted Russian agent Marina Butina. Byrne gave money to Butina after her return to Russia, where she ran for the Duma, hounded Navalny, and supported the invasion of Ukraine. (/3)

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