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@trumpenaitor Oh look another MAGA Moron that doesn鈥檛 understand that inflation and high gas prices are a global issue following a global pandemic. And for an added level of stupidity the MaGA moron wants to complain about supporting Ukraine because the MAGA cult are Putin鈥檚 puppets.

@RepStefanik INFLATION is a GLOBAL ISSUE following a GLOBAL PANDEMIC and further impacted by the Russian War against Ukraine. Stop peddling in bullshit and voting against legislation that will actually help American families.

@SenTedCruz It is funny how the @GOP votes against legislation that solved problems and then continue to whine that the problem exists. INFLATION and HIGH GAS PRICES are a WORLDWIDE ISSUE following a GLOBAL PANDEMIC and an ONGOING WAR between Russia and Ukraine. Did you beg for a pardon?

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