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@tapgsp @DefenceU @ZelenskyyUa Funny that you were trying to make a point against Ukraine but actually did the opposite. When did Russian start the offensive? How many days has it been? Who's begging Iran and North Korea for help? Large materials losses? Have you not seen all the new stuff they have captured

@thisshitwtf @InfoScape_Chat @reaverman @Cernovich How are you not convinced? Putin doesn't want peace talks end of story. So the only option they have defending their land. Even if Putin wanted peace talk it would involve Ukraine losing land. Anytime Putin invades just give it to him. Putin wants Alaska so just give it to him?

@thisshitwtf @InfoScape_Chat @reaverman @Cernovich You keep saying to negotiate but clue in there is no negotiation! Russia wants Ukraine, Ukrainian do to want to life under Russian rule. There is nothing to negotiate. The only thing that can be done right now fight Russia until they can't sustain the amount of losses and give up

@thisshitwtf @InfoScape_Chat @reaverman @Cernovich You are willing to tell Ukraine to stop fighting and give up there land to someone that invaded but not willing to tell the people invading to go back home. Truly mind blowing. If Ukrainians want to fight for THEIR country not to be controlled by a dictator. We should support.

@thisshitwtf @InfoScape_Chat @reaverman @Cernovich Let them have it so Ukraine is no longer a free independent country. There is a reason why they are fighting because they don't want to be part of Russia. Again how do you negotiate with someone trying to take control of your county and not willing to talk?

@thisshitwtf @InfoScape_Chat @reaverman @Cernovich Ukraine has already been down this road. They picked peace instead of continuing to fight for Crimea. Russia just invaded again because Putin wants Novorossiya back. Which would land lock Ukraine and completely destroy Ukraine as a country and Ukraine would be controlled by Putin

@thisshitwtf @InfoScape_Chat @reaverman @Cernovich Your thinking is so native and think things are so easy. Convince him馃槀 that's what they are doing do convincing him to fu.k off back to Russia. You think Ukraine should give up land for peace now, So Russia can invade later again. Russia leaves Ukraine the war ends

@thisshitwtf @InfoScape_Chat @reaverman @Cernovich They didn't have peace talks. They tried to just open dialog and even that failed. Put both in NATO馃槀 It hasn't nothing to do with NATO. Putin wants Ukraine for a New Russia. He has been talking about it for years. NATO, Nazis etc are all just excuses.

@LimitedAgain3 @DisobbedireOra @johanhofman @BenjaminNorton Then why are you speaking if you are going to be fine? You just jump all over for a gotcha moment but have said nothing. How is a country not wanting to be invaded to create a New Russia a proxy war?? So Ukraine should of let Russia take over?

@AbhayManiTiwar1 @ImHearBud @opinion Ukraine wanted to join NATO. NATO said No. How's that expansion? I wonder why a country with an aggressor beside would want to join. 馃 It made 2 other countries want to join.

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