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Øystein Bogen
Correspondent for TV 2 Norway in the U.S. Author, Film maker, Pilot. #Russia, #Ukraine, Hybrid War, International politics.
Location: Washington D.C.
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Which go to show polls might be true. Many, if not most Russians support Putin’s brutal war of conquest. Meaning they are complicit, like Germans during WW2. Thus, deserving minimal pity during hardships awaiting them in decades ahead when reparations to Ukraine need to be paid.

Change in Russia has never been slow but violent, sudden, cataclysmic. We should start preparing for that no matter how the war in Ukraine pans out. Thousands of nukes on the loose. What they might have of illegal bio weapons and chemical toxins I don’t even want to think about.

@CecilieHolter The international trials against Russians after Ukraine’s victory are going to make Nuremberg seem like a footnote in history.

The Kremlin has shown that it does not care one bit how many of its citizens die in Ukraine. So why would they need upgraded shelters at home? Most probably some of Putin’s pals who have thought out a new corruption scheme is my guess. https://t.co/hWMpI6QWPv

@NoMoreNATO Bandera is long dead. Russia attacked Ukraine and Leopards will be used to defend the sovereignty of a European nation under assault from an aggressive dictatorship. Any more questions?

Imagine being on Twitter summer 1944 and spending your free time arguing for peace & negotiations. See the analogy, tankies? #wasteoftime #UkraineRussiaWar#Ukraine

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