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Klaus #Schwab, passionate for Ukraine, essentially configured the World Economic Forum (WEF) to showcase #Zelensky and to leverage the argument that Russia should be kicked out of the civilised world. Schwab鈥檚 target was cr猫me de la cr猫me of the world鈥檚 business leaders! Al.C

Mersheimer -->"Simply put, the ongoing conflict in Ukraine is a colossal disaster;鈥he United States and its allies are mainly responsible for this train wreck. The April 2008 decision to bring Ukraine and Georgia into NATO was destined to lead to conflict with Russia. "

The causes and consequences of the Ukraine war A lecture by John J. Mearsheimer https://t.co/iyvzOAHMjP VIA RayMcGovern

Sevastopol in Crimea has been the home-port of the Russian Naval Fleet under czars and commissars alike. After 171 years as an integral part of the Russian Motherland, it only technically became part of Ukraine during a Khrushchev inspired shuffle in 1954. DS

DStockman reminder "At the heart of the putsch were Ukrainian orgs called #Svoboda national socialist party of Ukraine and Right Sector. Their national hero was one #Stepan_Bandera 鈥 a collaborator with Hitler who led the liquidation of Poles, Jews".. https://t.co/r2NhCii6jM

.."that no matter what the U.S. and NATO do in terms of serving as Ukraine鈥檚 arsenal, Russia is going to win the war. The question now is how much time the West can buy Ukraine, and at what #cost" Military analyst claims @StateDept @JoeBiden

To recap 鈥 NATO secretary general of the trans-Atlantic alliance responsible for pushing Ukraine into its current conflict with Russia is now proposing that Ukraine be willing to accept the permanent loss of sovereign territory ''

NATO Sec Jen Stoltenberg announced that Ukraine will more than likely have to make territorial concessions to Russia as part of any potential peace agreement, asking, 鈥渨hat price are you willing to pay for peace? how much sovereignty鈥re you willing to sacrifice for peace?鈥

And #NATO can鈥檛 even #keep_up militarily. 鈥淶 is #requesting 1,000 artillery pieces and 300 multiple-launch rocket systems, more than the entire active-duty inventory of the U.S. Army and Marine Corps combined. Ukraine is also requesting 500 main battle tanks !! SR today

#Britain refuses to rule out #cutting off #pipeline sending gas to the EU if war in Ukraine leads to Russia sparking shortages by severing supplies to western Europe cutting interconnector pipelines to the Netherlands and Belgium is among measures contained in the UK's plan DM

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