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This underscores the importance of long-range PGMs for Ukraine's success in defeating the Russians. They were able to land a spy in Germany's CIA, and all they wanted, backed by six-figure sums in euros, was any information on Ukraine's HIMARS locations.

@mattzarb The answer is simple: notice how @POTUS spaces out military aid in packages to 1 package every few weeks? This grants full control over Ukraine's actions. Biden doesn't like something → aid stops → Ukraine runs out of weapons and ammunition.

@postmodernadab @MaxAbrahms I've just checked, and if I were to place a missile in Ukraine aimed at Moscow, the shortest distance would be: * pre-invasion: 451.79 km (280.73 mi), * post-invasion: 451.79 km (280.73 mi) This is a massive security improvement for Russia! Good job.

@marywareham @joshrogin @PostOpinions Just because Russia fires cluster munitions at civilians doesn't mean that Ukraine wants to do the same. Ukraine needs DPICM to repel the invading forces, not to harm civilians. The sooner UA pushes the RU out, the less opportunity they will have to attack civilians in Ukraine.

@DrRadchenko Oh my god, I just read through the comments on that Gagarin tweet. Tankies even bring into it the Ukrainian flag in your profile pic. I guess they think that Central/Eastern European states and the Baltics betrayed USSR leading to its dissolution. Hence the hate for Ukraine.

@slantchev His argument about UN Charter: * Article 51 of the UN Charter (right to self-defense) is surely not without limits, * since Ukraine (in Reinhard Merkel's mind) is clearly an inferior state to Russia, Zelensky has no moral right to resist Russia's aggression, as any such ...

@mtracey @PatPorter76 Michael, I am genuinely curious to know what it would take for you to reconsider your position against arming Ukraine? (Feel free to point me to your previous tweets if you've spoken about this before)

@mucha_carlos @John_A_Ridge @liberalurbanite @Aviation_Intel Well, I wonder if they are actually planning to strap these bad boys on soviet era bombs that Ukraine has in stock ... or if the US is planning to send some?

@mucha_carlos I 'member u telling me about Longshot for Ukraine ... a looong time ago 😢. I wonder what the practical range on these kits is with Ukraine fighter planes doing bomb toss-ing of some sort at a low altitude...

@DrRadchenko Basically, the only way for Putin to win in Ukraine is to scare/tire the West into ending support for Kyiv. Suspending New START increases unpredictability/scariness on Russia's part. (@anderspuck argues that RU hybrid attacks serve the same purpose)

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