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In Opinion “How we treat refugees is one of the greatest tests of our American experiment,” says Alexander Vindman, who fled Ukraine when it was part of the Soviet Union, in a video by the documentary filmmaker Ken Burns.

President Vladimir Putin of Russia ordered the troops involved in capturing Lysychansk and the rest of Ukraine’s Luhansk Province to rest and “increase their combat capabilities” while other Russian formations continued fighting.

U.S. Special Operations veterans are training Ukrainian soldiers near the front lines in the war against Russia and, in some cases, helping to plan combat missions. The crowdfunded volunteers traveled to Ukraine despite warnings from the Pentagon.

Australia's new prime minister, Anthony Albanese, promised more military aid and sanctions against Russia during a visit to Ukraine on Sunday.

At a military base in Illinois, thousands of logisticians are responsible for behind-the-scenes coordination that makes sure U.S. military aid reaches Ukraine.

In Ukraine, volunteers with limited training are increasingly heading into the kind of battles that test even the most experienced soldiers. Their bodies are being returned to fill up cemeteries in largely peaceful cities and towns in the country’s west.

In the months since Vladimir Putin called Russia's invasion of Ukraine a "denazification" mission, the lie that the government and culture of Ukraine are filled with dangerous "Nazis" has become a central theme of Kremlin propaganda about the war.

A central theme of Kremlin propaganda about the war in Ukraine is that the country's government and culture are filled with dangerous Nazis. These false claims started on state media, but smaller news sites have gone on to amplify the messages.

Narva, in northeastern Estonia, is the EU's most ethnically Russian city, with a population supportive of President Vladimir Putin. But the conflict in Ukraine has set off a "mental war" between old and young.

The New York Times is mapping the war in Ukraine, as Russia aims at taking control of the eastern Donbas region while facing strong Ukrainian counterattacks.

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