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So just as a quick question, people do realize now that were using biological chemical warfare on Russians from the Ukraine that it’s now “ok” for them to use it on our soldiers right? There were rules to war for a reason and they need to be adhered to immediately. The…

@Alphafox78 Cause that’s how you make a Great Leap Forward, wait that was the last one. You need Ukraine for the great reset.

My heart is heavy, Im going to prayer. They have decided to use the money we sent to the Ukraine to attack Russian soldiers with bio weapons and drones. I watched a humans struggling and convulsing to death from nerve poisons like a bug. We are one human race, God save us.

@sewahshirley @Marianna9110 @KayWill90695436 I know people in the Ukraine and I have known them from before it was cool to know and support the Ukraine. They are a good and sweet people with a Nazi gov, not that ours is acting all that much better 😣

@ChristyEB8 @Bella42527792 Why is no one stopping it before it’s to late? This is what they did in the Ukraine right before they armed every criminal with weapons charges to “protect” the people. It hasn’t went well.

@WarClandestine Then why do the bio weapon labs in Ukraine exist? why do we have pictures of Obama and Hillary walking through them? why did we send a bunch of money to the Ukraine via taxation without representation to create said bio labs?

@xeniaioa According to sources Putin attacked the Ukraine because they were about to releases a secondary pandemic on the world to complete their lockdown and genocide a.k.a. population control. That being said they could be wrong I could be wrong, God is good and will save us either way

@Jim_Jordan Why are they being used in the Ukraine while we literally starve on the ground in our our Country?

@SenWarren So glad it’s not from the war mongering we are supporting in the Ukraine, Thats feeling a lot like taxation without representation.

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