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@Reuters LoL, Ukraina are winning to run to pole border, Russian will just give Ukraina the Bandera's hometown then Ukraine will must exist to pay debt of the west.

@KyivIndependent I don't know why Russia are controlling The nuclear power plant but The Russian still support electricity for Ukraine. That will never happen if it was US or Nato. https://t.co/f19hU80vHT

@RichardEHagen1 @SamRamani2 No country declared sending troop to help Ukraina just moneys and weapon but I hope Ukraine can defence their sovereignty by defeat Russia as Ukraine defeated the ottoman to have crimean in the past. For North Korea, the us , japan south Korea just talk and paper tigers only.

@SamRamani2 The Us and you will support all that Ukraine need, Russia are running out of weapons and man.

@RichardEHagen1 @SamRamani2 You should go to Ukraine, take weapon to fight russia .

@KyivIndependent I dont want see the Ukraina need forgein people come to protect Ukraine from Russia because in past the Ukraine won 5 wars with The Ottoman Empire then have south Ukraine today. Hope to see Ukraina strongly as in the past.

@_harperhenry @JuliusMkinen @Greenperator @amnesty I feel sory for your country, i read history about ukraina and russia so i see most of Ukraine's land have came from russian (odessa, novorussia,... The russian got after they beat ottoman, ukraine have that lands so easy). Let fight for your lands, only win you will deserve.

@KyivIndependent With wrong new like this and a lot of Ukraine people beleave that is true i think the ukraina government and ukriane will soon be erased.

@DmytroKuleba Everyone remember 4/8 when the tochka U missile hit the Kramatorsk station, Ukraine shoutiing Russia struck station but after that many people proved the missile of Ukraine then they stopped crying.

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