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2022 I’m a radical ULTRA MAGA anti-Abortionist. 2016 I was a Deplorable among the Majority/Clinging to my guns, my Bible and fearing the one Living God.
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@GOP @DNC @LeaderMcConnell @SpeakerMcCarthy We must consider our Billons of dollars LOANS to be paid back to America from Ukraine! If we had DJT AS @POTUS , not @JoeBiden we would be there or be wasting billions $ in Ukraine! @FoxNews

@RepAdamSchiff You mean the “Biden” Cartel, son & Brother taking $$$$$ from Ukraine, Russia, China …compromised cheating family! @DNC @JoeBiden @POTUS @FoxNews @FoxNewsSunday

@LeaderMcConnell Wake up America. Our$$$$$ going to Ukraine must be a loan, not a gift! I do not trust them or @JoeBiden ! It’s too easy to give others money away! Also must be complete accountability for the money! There are crooks in Ukraine & Russia & Government! @FoxNews

@LindseyGrahamSC @hughhewitt @ZelenskyyUa On Ukraine. We must consider our $$$$$$$&$$$&$$$ tax dollars as a loan!!! We don’t have free money to give away!! @GOP @SenateGOP @HouseGOP @GOPLeader @LeaderMcConnell

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