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Fiat iustitia, et pereat mundus. Now: film industry executive in Kyiv/Vienna Prior: Italian Army
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It's getting colder in Ukraine... but russia still tries to keep its frontline positions, which are death traps come winter. With any brain the russians would build a defensive line with shelters 10 km behind the current front and then retreat there.

Chinese: unafraid to take on their dictator. Kazakhs: unafraid to take on their dictator. Iranians: unafraid to take on their dictator. russians: rather freezing to death in a ditch in Ukraine than take on their dictator.

Super interesting thread about tank warfare in Ukraine.

@evanhill They weren't. Next time don't ask an assistant adjunct professor for epidemiology in Berkeley about machine gun wounds in Ukraine.

russia can't beat Ukraine. The russian leadership is too primitive, idiotic, cretinous, imbecile, and stupid to realize this... no matter what the kremlin fascists throw at Ukraine - Ukrainians will always win.

Tonight I will be back on @MriyaReport, talking about things like: 鈥 what "strategic materiel" Israel bought for Ukraine 鈥 why Ukraine is happy to let the russians fortify Melitopol 鈥 how to surrender 鈥 artillery etc. 11 am Pacific 2 pm Eastern 1900 UTC 2000 Rome 2100 Kyiv

Two weeks ago on on @MriyaReport I said the most urgently needed materiel for Ukraine is night vision devices - 10,000s of them as the russians don't have them and winter nights in Ukraine are long. Now also the Ukrainians say they desperately need them.

Only those, who want to give putin time to rearm for a new attack in spring, suggest Ukraine should pause the war in winter. No military takes a pause in winter. Especially not one knowing winter is its ally.

1) Video is from March 2) It was taken in Bucha 3) That flag comes sewn to this medical bag, which was bought and donated to Ukraine by volunteers 4) #NAFO needs to remind this russian disinformation account that lying is bad.

I estimate that Ukraine has around 200+ barrels and 100+ rocket launchers in the Kherson region... which are now raining 600+ shells and 200+ rockets a minute (!) down on four football field sized ferry crossings, which are overcrowded with russian soldiers. Crossings of Death!

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