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It is an odd message to be sending to Europe. If anything the Russian invasion of Ukraine has underscored Europe鈥檚 dependence on the US for its own security. Qin is promoting a European autonomy with Chinese characteristics that is at odds with the consensus in Europe

Some good takes on China-Russia here on the anniversary of the invasion of Ukraine 馃嚭馃嚘馃憞

Strong message on Ukraine from the EU delegation to China馃憞

How Putin blundered into Ukraine 鈥 then doubled down Great read from 鈦@maxseddon鈦 鈦@ChristopherJM鈦 鈦@felschwartz

Beijing says the鈥侰hina-Russia comprehensive strategic partnership is based on the 鈥渘on-targeting of third countries鈥. How does Ukraine fit into this equation?

Blinken: 鈥淲e are very concerned that China is considering providing lethal support to Russia in its aggression against Ukraine

Wang Yi says at @MunSecConf that China will present a peace proposal for Ukraine

鈥淚f Russia鈥檚 war on Ukraine exposed Germany鈥檚 industrial reliance on Moscow, it has laid bare in France a different sort of dependence: a fatal fascination with Russia.鈥 鈦@TheEconomist

Refreshing straight talk from historian Hein Goemans on the end-game in Ukraine@gideonrachman

Lula blames Ukraine for fighting back against invader Russia in press conference with Scholz

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