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Tweeting about various issues, such as infosec and geopolitics. My tweets do not necessarily reflect the points of view of past, present or future employers.
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@general_nose @Mimi95225930 @mdfzeh Of course, you will never mention the centuries of Russification in Ukraine. Your hypocricy is clear.

@BJalus @McFaul Of course, you will never mention the centuries of Russification in Ukraine. Is it malice or ignorance ?

While those supporting #Russia against #Ukraine can complain endlessly about #Derussification in Eastern Ukraine. They will *never* mention the almost three centuries of #Russification in Ukraine. Suppressing Ukrainian language and culture.

@_rewardrate_ @SilverWolfGM @DavidSacks @elonmusk Naturally, as Russian troll, you ignore the century of Russification in eastern Ukraine, which preceded this. Because Russification is good, right ?

A Russian rapper killed himself to avoid being conscripted to fight in Vladimir Putin鈥檚 barbaric war in Ukraine amid an exodus sparked by the Kremlin dictator鈥檚 chaotic partial mobilisation. #mobilization #putin #russia #ukraine

Retired general David Petraeus predicts the US would destroy Russia's military in Ukraine and sink its naval fleet if it used nuclear weapons #nuclear #russia #ukraine

Chechen leader and key Vladimir Putin-ally Ramzan Kadyrov has revealed that he has sent his three young sons to fight in Ukraine. #chechnya #kadyrov #putin #russia #ukraine

Russian nuclear military train is seen on the move in 'possible warning to the West' that Putin is prepared to escalate his Ukraine war #nuclear #russia #ukraine

@TreasChest Great that they give Ukraine a heads-up on what they are doing ;)

@churricuac @Pontifex @KremlinRussia_E Guess you missed who invaded Ukraine and started this war 馃檮

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