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here I was punished because the jewel did not shine or the earth failed to yield enough stone or enough corn - Neruda
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@yurachkivskyi @Stabbytheicepic @SetaLoca @ivan_8848 Because having NATO in Ukraine is existential for Russia. They have said it time and tine again. Even Obama said it. Once the US promised to bring Ukraine and Georgia into NATO, Russia reacted. Hey, the US reacted when the soviets installed missiles in Cuba.

@yurachkivskyi @SetaLoca @ivan_8848 Day after day, Ukraine is being sacrificed by the US. Look, they are losing: https://t.co/ZzMDQT0NsK

@yurachkivskyi @Stabbytheicepic @SetaLoca @ivan_8848 The French, Germans and even the US was there when the opposition and the government signed a deal. Early election. Remember that. After the coup, the US and the government of collaborators prepared Ukraine for an invasion by provoking Russia. Ukraine is being sacrifised by US.

@yurachkivskyi @Stabbytheicepic @SetaLoca @ivan_8848 So indeoendent that Johnson made Zelensky withdraw his offer to Putin. It took just one phone call from Boris. So independent that vice president Biden got Ukrainian prosecutor fired. So independent that Nuland appears deciding who gets in power in Ukraine.

@Stabbytheicepic @yurachkivskyi @SetaLoca @ivan_8848 Except than in Ukraine, there was a civil war going on. For one side, the US is occupying Kiev.

@yurachkivskyi @SetaLoca @ivan_8848 Yeah, the math of one foot of land plus another foot of land. If you need to see the math, look at a map. Check who is gaining land. Ukraine math is subtraction after subtraction.

@Tambr8 @grantin_van @apmassaro3 They are called Separatists. You can call the US southern states that fought the north for independence from Washington that too that fought the north. In the US it's called the civil war. Since 2014, Ukraine was at war with its own people. Zelensky ran on ending the war.

@RepHoulahan You are not suppose to support Saudi Arabia's war on Yemen. Or support ultra-nationalists in Ukraine.

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