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Caricature artist. America's greatest unknown political cartoonist. Unpublished novelist. Unhistoria
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I hope Putin has a very BIG coffin! (Of course, they'll just leave his body to rot.) Desperate Putin drafts 7ft boxing legend Nikolai Valuev, 49, to fight Ukraine after spending 10 years hunting Bigfoot #SmartNews

Russia certainly wouldn't blow up their own pipeline. Ukraine wouldn't be able to. Only a country with a submarine fleet could - like the U.S.! Sweden鈥檚 PM says Nord Stream leaks seen as deliberate acts #SmartNews

Kazakhstan, a mineral-rich country which also OWNS RUSSIA'S "SPACE CITY", the BAIKANOR COSMODROME, literally has Russia OVER A BARREL! In Rebuke to Putin, Kazakhstan Will Reject Russia鈥檚 Forced Referendums in Ukraine #SmartNews

CIVIL WAR IN RUSSIA! UBIT' PUTINA! Russia: man shoots commander drafting residents for war in Ukraine #SmartNews

"DEMOCRACY", PUTIN-STYLE- Armed SOLDIERS go door-to-door, forcing people to VOTE AT GUN POINT! Intercepted documents show pro-Russian officials allowing teenagers as young as 13 to vote in 鈥榮ham鈥 referendums, Ukraine鈥檚 security service says #SmartNews

Pay no attention to that "Special Military Operation". LOOK AT THE BIG WHEEL! Putin unveils enormous Ferris wheel in Moscow as Russian troops retreat in Ukraine

THE WAR IS ALMOST OVER! Ukraine forces reach railway hub as breakthrough turns to Russian collapse #SmartNews

The war is almost over! The Russian Army is disappearing! Ukraine Update: Ukraine races toward Kupiansk鈥擱ussia鈥檚 logistical hub #SmartNews

I still remember the "PRAGUE SPRING" when Russian tanks rolled in to crush Czech independence. Apparently these idiots don't! 70,000 people take to streets of Prague to protest against anti-Russian sanctions, arms supplies to Ukraine #SmartNews

THIS IS A JOKE! How can Putin make money selling things to the Taliban? THEY'RE BROKE! Vladimir Putin 鈥楩inalizing Deal With The Taliban鈥 To Help Recoup Costs Spent On War Against Ukraine #SmartNews

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