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DR. Fahrenheit 451
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@ProjectLincoln Ukraine is a money laundering scheme that makes Bernie Madoff look like an amateur!

@AdamKinzinger @SpeakerMcCarthy Instead of talking about why other people don't go to Ukraine, why don't YOU go there Adam? If it means so much to you, go to Ukraine, put on a uniform, and fight!

@DC_Draino @mkulab The president's trip to Ukraine was as fake as Corn Pop!

@jacksonhinklle @tom_trotts @NikkiHaley The "war in Ukraine" is the biggest money - laundering scheme ever concocted! We have given them weapons, missile systems,( so why did they need money ?) and over $100 billion, and not a single person in Washington, can/will tell us where that money went!

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