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Tired of stupid people and stupid peoples shit.
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Politicians don't care about the SVB collapse. They are worried about Ukraine, diversity, LGBTQ, blah blah blah 馃檮

@JoeBiden The only thing you have done is bankrupt the US with 3T bills and Ukraine. Worst president ever.

So let me get this straight. Its Americans DUTY to defend the Ukraine border but our border is wide open. F#@kin 馃ぁ. https://t.co/w6fksKZ0dy

@LivePDDave1 If all this $ going to Ukraine and not helping the US doesn't show you how much they hate you then nothing will.

@krassenstein @ScottFishman Right...we're not in a proxy war with Ukraine. That's why we've given billions of $ and weapons.

@POTUS Americans are on to the $ laundering in Ukraine. This isn't about democracy and sovereignty it's about you and your cronies getting rich. You want to keep this war going so you can continue to fill your deep pockets.

@POTUS Hey Joe, when are you going to start responding to all the problems here in the US? Ukraine is not your country nor ours.

@itsJeffTiedrich You must be so proud of your traitorous Joe. All Joe needs now is Ukrainian citizenship. He loves Ukraine and all the $ kickbacks more than he loves the US. Where is he on Presidents Day? Not visiiting East Palestine.

@POTUS Us? You stand with Ukraine more than you stand for the American people. Worst president ever!

@AdamLisowski15 @AZ_Brittney Ukraine/China deals by son Hunter who funneled back the $ to Quid Pro Joe. (Burisma/Ukraine, BHR Partners/China) Do you understand the word?

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