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Historian, author and (occasional) broadcaster. 19th/20th Century naval history, particularly naval
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Some very useful analysis of the events of recent days regarding both the Black Sea safe passage for ships exporting grain from #Ukraine's ports & the attack on the Russian Black Sea Fleet at #Sevastopol, from top shipping expert @mercoglianos https://t.co/9dxrRtr9zg

Now, on 2nd November, Russia has announced it will resume its participation in the Black Sea safe passage, following assurances that Ukraine will not use ships taking part for clandestine military operations. Maritime insurance cover has resumed too. https://t.co/BZLxc7O04g

However, it quickly beame clear that despite the perceived increase in risk, & some edginess from the insurers that are vital to its continued operation, ships were continuing to sail the safe passage from Ukraine, while intense diplomacy was underway. https://t.co/MyEyLbnikW

The Black Sea safe passage for ships exporting grain from Ukraine's ports to the rest of the World, has had quite a busy opening month or so, with a variety of challenges, particularly - though by no means exclusively (see below) - over recent days. https://t.co/2tus9pjt7U

The Black Sea shipping corridor for exports of grain for #Ukraine was closed on 26th October due to a suspected mine in in the northern part of the passage, though searches of the area apparently did not reveal anything.

@shashj @MChalmers_RUSI would have to come from the open market abroad, on the hopes that the Ukraine situation has forced others to expand the industrial base that we are probably about to squeeze further). More permanently, you could also throw in a fairly modest personnel uptick on the back of...

@stormysailor76 @JasonAlderwick @RoyalNavy @Navy_Innovation @RNNavyX look great & knock up a good cocktail, as a backdrop, then warships of all sorts, not just carriers - Defender made a great backdrop for the Ukraine agreement the other year - have done a great job on that front for centuries & it usually only takes a couple of days out of the...

4) However, it is worth bearing in mind that - as @JackDetsch & @RobbieGramer note in @ForeignPolicy - the military balance in the area has changed markedly, with large-scale Russian troop withdrawals from the border areas to sustain the war in #Ukraine. https://t.co/YUsFDlhv0o

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