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Pres. Zelensky thanks Turkiye's president Erdogan for the exchange of 215 Ukrainians for 55 Russians. West's war-mongering media as usual ignored to appreciate Turkiye's efforts for peace in Ukraine.

@SkyNews @Stone_SkyNews There are NO winners in a war and NO losers in fair peace. President Erdogan of Turkiye in UNGA about Ukraine. Any world leaders listening ?

@CityAM Ukrainians need peace not war. Any pledge to help secure peace in Ukraine ? UK, USA and EU !

@TRTWorldNow Turkiye is the only country working for peace between it's two friends - Russia and Ukraine. Millions of tonnes of grain has been shipped out of Ukraine under Turkish negotiated agreement. Very good news especially for the poor countries - and the world

@BBCUrdu Turkiye fighting PKK/YPG terrorists in Syria NOT Kurds. West',s sanctions hurting the poor world over, only benefitting Russia,India& China. UK suffering coz Ukraine war. Soon our income will be below Slovenia's but BBC quiet. 2mlion living off food banks in the UK. BBC unaware

@BBCUrdu Turkiye is the only country working for peace between it's 2 friends Russia &Ukraine 2 million tones of grain shipped from Ukraine thank U pres. Erdogan. 5 million Russians visit Turkiye every year. India buying cheap Russian oil,refining it & selling it to EU - USA knows not BBC

@nytimes @fbhutto Neither racism nor compassion fatigue the West is suffering from high inflation. The war in Ukraine has only benefitted the American arms suppliers, Russia, China and India. Pakistan will solve its own problems as it always does.

@France24_en Turkiye negotiated Grain deal is working, over 1 million tonnes of grain shipped out of Ukraine, more to come. Build on this for peace in Ukraine, working with Turkey & EU. Peace will mean security for Ukraine, Europe & the world. Zellensky can stop complaining & rebuild Ukraine

@SkyNews To end war in Ukraine join hands with Turkiye's efforts for Peace - grain diplomacy working , build on it. We are panicking because of greedy profiteering. Govt help must be for our needy citizens - no blanket tax cuts, no NI cuts and DEFINITELY no cut in corporation tax.

@nazirafzal The only country apparently working for peace in Ukraine is Turkiye. Turkiye's "grain diplomacy" is working, over a million tonnes of grain already shipped out of Ukraine. More to follow. If the world powers can build on this success, Ukraine may have peace and safety for all.

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