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All opinions expressed here are facts. I hate politics, in a good world I can forget about it. The q
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@gfodor @KonstantinKisin Also a multipolar world could only work if sovereign peoples decide themselves which poles they are a part of. Without that decision, conflict is inevitable. For example, right now Russia is trying very hard to make Ukraine part of its pole

@Karlsons_ @el_mi_asa @LiinussF @EuropeElects I thought they were generally pro-Russia for the war, who in the party was pro-Ukraine?

@ClarkeMicah @TSoufiBurridge Overthrowing a gov beholden to foreign oligarchs is the duty of a republic's citizens. Plus, why is it an act of war against Russia for Ukraine to oust their own corrupt president? If its an act of war to overthrow Yanukovych, that implies he was representing Russia, not Ukraine.

@AndyMcDeeOne @wallacemick Ukraine isnt banning and burning Russian language books, they are banning books by russian authors, thats a completely different thing and to present it as like what russias doing is deceptive. You're bending the truth to suit your narrative

@AndyMcDeeOne @wallacemick Is Ukraine invading Russia to ensure no Russian books are circulated like Russia is doing to Ukraine? Is Ukraine massacring civilians just because of their language?

@rundmc1556 @wallacemick They're burning Ukrainian books, massacring civilians, reeducating them to be Russian,& denying that Ukrainian culture is a real thing, all with the explicit goal of making Ukraine not exist. They're trying to eradicate Ukrainian culture. If thats not genocide Idk what is

@wallacemick How would letting Russia achieve its genocide in Ukraine at all help environmental goals?

@BirchBarkDragon @AJAYNY @jorymicah You clearly don't understand the Ukraine war because you can't say anything informed about, your responses are typical of a bullshit artist who has nothing based in fact to comtribute

@BirchBarkDragon @AJAYNY @jorymicah If you're fighting against fascists, you're antifascist. It sounds like you're pro-fascist, thinking Ukraine doesn't have any right to defend itself from Russia's imperialism, and that NATO shouldn't help

@AJAYNY @jorymicah NATO helping Ukraine fight off Russia's explicitly genocidal invasion I'd think puts it in the category of antifascists

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