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@NikaMelkozerova you do realize that independent Ukraine was also busy destroying the "well-established world" left by the Russian Empire in 1917? because it was pretty shit

Say what you want about the tenets of Arestovych (secure Ukraine by incorporating Russia and building a diverse empire), at least it's an ethos

Everything nasty in the standard leftoid picture of Ukraine would get 1488% more real and predominant if the Zelensky regime is defeated and falls. "Regime" because this is all pretty much like the default "anti-imperialist" caricature account of Syria/Libya/etc -deliberately so.

@poppy_haze @getfiscal Plus losing Finnish neutrality no matter what happens with Ukraine's status was a guaranteed, 100% predictable outcome that a remotely rational leader would've been aware of.

@poppy_haze @getfiscal And Ukraine had nothing to do with that. Ukrainians themselves have shown precisely zero interest in NATO or military cooperation in the West until guess what happened in 2014.

@postingwhilegay @WokeDudeBro if you don't understand how fundamentally "Russian speaker" and "civically Russian" differ, you're not qualified to speak at all about Ukraine, it's like if you started to talk about Vietnam without knowing what the Geneva Accords were

I'm not sure whether Ukrainians telling Palestine to lie back and take it or Palestinians telling Ukraine that are more of a sick joke.

The int'l left needs to stop pushing shit lines on Ukraine not because it's that important to Ukraine, but because the left needs to think hard about its future and its prospects. All this shit could go on to prove as poisonous as Hungary and Prague were for European communists.

I ought to write a deranged fic where Alice Caldwell-Kelly forms the Emirate of Ichkeria and Ukraine, and makes Arestovych apologize

I don't understand why everyone's got such low hopes for peace in Ukraine. The war could be over literally the moment Putin meets with Stepan Bandera.

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