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Russia and Ukraine both accuse one another of committing genocide right now. For most conflicts anywhere in the world, there will usually be cross-cutting allegations of genocide, and in practice the meaning of the word is just interchangeable with "really bad"

In the opinion of author Tom Cotton, the decision by Biden to send tanks to Ukraine just shows him to be "dithering" and "feeble," because he's still not moving aggressively enough to "win this war." There's your GOP opposition: condemning Biden for not escalating hard enough

Recall: last April, Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin traveled to Ukraine and used the same word to characterize the intent of US policy, declaring: "We want to see Russia weakened." Biden then reportedly chastised Austin for describing the policy too truthfully https://t.co/hvwJU20Rd0

Mitt Romney blows right past all the usual platitudes about "democracy" and "territorial integrity" and admits US policy in Ukraine is ultimately geared toward "weakening Russia" -- which he declares to be a "very good thing." By extension, Romney boasts, this also weakens China https://t.co/n3NG8gBuev

These idiots think the one thing I'm censoring myself from saying online is that I desperately "want Russia to conquer Ukraine," like I can't stop luridly fantasizing about which state entity controls Luhansk Oblast. Sorry, but the truth is I really don't give that much of a shit

Also: instead of constantly screeching the same Hitler/1938 analogies every two seconds, maybe consider that there could be other apt historical precedents to draw on for insight. Hint: Ukraine is by far the single largest annual recipient of US "security aid" since South Vietnam https://t.co/IwlHZglZEg

Kennedy commissioned the report in October 1961 as Ngo Dinh Diem, president of South Vietnam, was escalating his requests for US "support." He lobbied for fighter jets (as Ukraine is doing right now) as well as "trainers" who'd be falsely presented as serving a "non-combat" role https://t.co/nPvn9iy114

"Security Assistance Group-Ukraine" or "SAG-U," the new joint US command -- slated to be up and running by "early 2023" -- recalls an earlier example of a joint US command: "Military Assistance Command-Vietnam" or "MACV," established in 1961 and led by a three-star general

Not adequately emphasized is that this latest upsurge of arms to Ukraine -- PATRIOT missiles, tanks -- coincides with the establishment of a new "long-term" joint US command led by a three-star general. US is rapidly bureaucratizing and "permanentizing" its involvement in the war https://t.co/GjDeVbWGI6

Oh dear, now even the New York Times are paid Russian shills, just like everyone else who dares to accurately describe the escalatory behavior of the US/Ukraine https://t.co/5XCarFSmQG

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