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Does the pro-Ukraine troll army deem the incoming Italian Prime Minister "based," given her alleged "fascism" includes diehard support for Ukraine and NATO?

Shouldn’t there be a big ideological inquest into why this new breed of Fascist is so drawn to the cause of “strong support for Ukraine and NATO”? Because that always seems to happen with the converse: skeptics of that position are tarnished with ideological guilt-by-association

The new Prime Minister allegedly ushering in "fascism" to Italy has also been a "steadfast and strong voice of support for Ukraine and NATO," according to The Economist. Does this mean the pro-Ukraine / pro-NATO position is now fatally tainted by its association with "fascism"? https://t.co/MEA6zGQzSJ

Next on the show was Jake Sullivan, US National Security Advisor, who said the US will not "stop or slow down our support" to Ukraine as they "seek to deoccupy" the territories that Russia is on the verge of formally annexing. As in: the US will not change its policy whatsoever

Speaking for an American audience, Zelensky alleged Putin was committing "genocide of the Ukrainian population." Due to this, he called on the US to even further escalate its provision of armaments and directly send US tanks to Ukraine (rather than just facilitate tank transfers)

If high-level US officials were threatening use of nuclear weapons over Vietnam -- which was seen as far less central to America's national interest than Ukraine is seen to Russia's national interest -- it seems dangerous/foolish to just blithely assume that Putin is "bluffing"

It's fair to say what Anne Applebaum writes in The Atlantic is reasonably representative of US foreign policy consensus. And she says "victory" in Ukraine means regime change in Russia -- elimination of Putin. Exactly the kind of existential stakes that could lead to nuclear use https://t.co/E9tePlSS6v

Trump is the one who first supplied weapons to Ukraine, continues to brag about that fact, elevated Ukraine to NATO "enhanced partner" status, reaffirmed US commitment to Ukraine's full NATO membership, and accused Putin of committing genocide. Otherwise, very plausible scenario

The pro-Ukraine troll army -- endorsed by US think tanks, celebrated in US media, and promoted by US politicians -- has made its central mission to render discussion of observable reality as unpleasant and maddening as possible, in order to obfuscate the reality of US policy

For months, the pro-Ukraine troll army has swarmed to dismiss any suggestion that delivery of long-range weapons could be escalatory, or attacks on border areas inside territorial Russia could be escalatory. Today, Putin cites these actions as justification for his own escalation https://t.co/XiNylslTMQ

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