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@DJL1949 @Megokkelaer @lallyallan @DouglasKMurray Much like your Ukraine flag as your profile pic is meaningless as it changes literally nothing as well. Taking to the streets to get the west to force Zelenskyy and NATO to abide by the Minsk agreements would solve it by meaningful action.

@Timbouctinho @Sorgfelt @PrimoRadical Imagine Ukraine doing this to the republics for 8 years killing 14,000 Ukrainians

@Timbouctinho @Sorgfelt @PrimoRadical US have occupied Ukraine, a sovereign country since 2014. They have literally controlled it politically since then. Also Nato personnel are in Ukraine and mounting on the borders. So stop with the hypocrisy

@Timbouctinho @PrimoRadical Then you stand against the US occupying Ukraine then because they have politically since the Maidan protests

@D4abrightfuture @PrimoRadical To fight a NATO provoked proxy war? Even Berlusconi admitted the truth that Ukraine violated the Minsk agreements thus provoking Russia into a reaction that wasn't supposed to last more than a week until NATO sent equipment and escalated it. Educate yourself on the facts

@RyRI1989 So you deny the endless nazi evidence in Ukraine of Asiv and other groups? So they what, trolled both left and right media for years for the lulz? You are on drugs I swear

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