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proud cons that just wants the Gov to leave me the F alone. If you want to compel me to do something
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@KangAbraham2 @federalistfive @barnes_law These are examples of why it's asinine to compare Russian nazis vs Ukraine nazis. Nazis that are in Ukraine have their roots from Germany and are responsible for killing thousands of members of the Soviet Union/Russia. All part of the cold war.

@KangAbraham2 @federalistfive @barnes_law This is a good article about the history of the US using Nazis against Ukraine. Also talks about Bondra. https://t.co/Otcp623jti

@federalistfive @barnes_law The U.S. changed the law back in 2015 that made it legal to send military equipment to extremists in Ukraine

@KangAbraham2 @federalistfive @barnes_law US gov also use mercenaries with all different political views. I'm sure some are nazis. Even extremists from Israel are in Ukraine fighting Russians.

@KangAbraham2 @federalistfive @barnes_law I usually make fun of them. Most are leftists that have been calling people nazis who disagree with them politically for yrs. Now they are supporting real nazis in Ukraine.

@KangAbraham2 @federalistfive @barnes_law Crooked politicians in the U.S. have their own reasons for being interested in Ukraine by the guy pulling the strings is Klaus Schwab https://t.co/cyayFXwFyn

@federalistfive @barnes_law To be totally accurate the nazis in Ukraine are only a tool that is being used by the U.S. , NATO, & WEF to fight Russians.

@rigbydan @therecount Another asinine comment from a Ukraine supporter. Shocking (not really) 馃ぃ

@federalistfive @barnes_law Do you know anyone in Eastern Ukraine that have been fighting a nazi regime in Kiev for over 8 yrs that has been backed by the U.S. gov?

@RistoLehto @rudolphcoaching @73Deepu @AFP This has been planned for a long time. Right after the Obama administration helped with the coup in Ukraine in 2014. The U.S. has been preparing for a proxy war with Russia ever since. It was actually supposed to start with Hillary as President. It got delayed when Trump won

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