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Republicans didn't care about his pussy grabbing, veteran dissing, Ukraine extorting, Proud Boy endorsing, insurrection inciting, or classified document stealing, but losing them the Senate AGAIN was too much? They will follow him into the abyss. Good riddance.

Kevin McCarthy says if Republicans win the House, they will block any aid to Ukraine. A vote for the GOP is a vote for Putin. VOTE BLUE.

Good morning and Happy Wednesday to everyone who agrees that Putin-loving car builders, rocket ship makers, and Twitter buyers should keep their noses out of geopolitics especially if their best idea is for Ukraine to just give Russia land. Isn't their a law to prevent that?

I was shocked at how many Republicans support Putin's losing war against Ukraine until I remembered they still love the Confederacy, and that twice-impeached, one term jackass. They certainly have a type.

Here's what I found: - The majority of "decent" people said they'd absolutely vote to approve aid, no question. Those folks tended to have DEM-friendly profiles - a small, shitty minority of replies came back as "whatabout Ukraine, stop giving them money." Those tend to be GOP

@RonFilipkowski That's nuts. Everybody knows he'd just offer Ukraine to Putin.

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