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@Bethe57 @ChiefSVP @POTUS Let go Russia steal all the equipment America gives to Ukraine

@MattRamz7 @mhill0425 @pamehebert @POTUS @MattRamz7 you rather have my hard earn money go to Ukraine and pay for there losing war ???

@MattRamz7 @mhill0425 @pamehebert @POTUS My money goes to pay Ukraine war so why the fuck not????

@Tambr8 @BrockSavage8 @TulsiGabbard We did the same thing in Iraq and Afghanistan wtf goofy the world didn鈥檛 rally against us and sanction us we did for 20 fucking years American Standard of living didn鈥檛 change for Afghanistan or Iraq why the fuck is a difference for Ukraine and we aint in the war

@Tambr8 @BrockSavage8 @TulsiGabbard Naw bro I鈥檓 American I live in Chicago Ill me and all my friends are Americans citizens and we pro left and we all agree in why do we have to have get high gas prices because of Ukraine who the fuck is Ukraine leave us out this shit I gotta pay bills Mf you offer your wallet

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