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🔇 The #OHCHR does not speak out against the rabid Russophobia unleashed in Western countries and the broadcasting ban on more than 100 media outlets throughout Europe and Ukraine. ❗️We believe that this approach undermines the reputation of the #OHCHR. (3/3)

A Russian representative at the @UN_HRC: 🧑🏻‍🦯 The #OHCHR stays blind to the the manifestations of neo-Nazism in Ukraine, the ban on activities of opposition parties and movements, arrests and torture of dissidents, human rights defenders and public figures of Ukraine. (1/3)

📄 Today @mission_russian sent a diplomatic note to #OHCHR on the killings of Donbass children, manifestations of Nazism in Ukraine, human rights violations and war crimes committed by the Kiev regime and Ukrainian military in Donbass (June-August, 2022). 🔽 more below 🔽

Russian Defense Ministry has published a list (with exact coordinates) of educational facilities in DPR, LPR, Kherson, Kharkov and Zaporozhye regions that will open on September 1. ❗️In contrast to Ukraine, they are not used for military purposes❗️ 📄:

Ambassador @GGatilov: 💬 UN responses to the atrocities committed by the Kiev regime have remained “selectively neutral” since the 2014 coup. 🇷🇺 Need to demonize Russia - no problem. 🇺🇦 Something casts a shadow on Ukraine - let’s hush it up and keep a “low profile”.

When a civilian 🏠 is used for military purposes, it turns into a legitimate target for a precision strike. Ukraine continues to do it, but now even @amnesty can’t handle it. Whenever MSM shows you photos of a destroyed 🇺🇦 school or hospital - always ask: “Who was inside?”

⚠️ The risks of Western weapons supplied to Ukrainie ending up on “black markets” or elsewhere are growing with every shipment 🤷🏻‍♂️ Ukraine’s “sponsors” are fully aware that they go blank on the location of the weapons once they cross the 🇺🇦 border - an example of total negligence

Russian FM Sergey #Lavrov during his official visit to 🇨🇬 Congo: 💬 If we take the episode in Odessa, there are no commitments taken by Russia under the July 22 Agreement that prohibit our country from conducting the special operation in Ukraine and taking out military targets

A Russian representative’s right of reply at @UN_HRC: 💥 Western deliveries of lethal weapons to Kiev will not lead to peace in Ukraine and Europe in general, but only prolong the conflict further and lead to new victims among civilians 📑 full (🇷🇺/🇬🇧):

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