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How NYT, WAPO, ABC, CBS, NBC, etc ran fake news created by Dem fraudsters (& “ex” FBI) pretending Russian bots were driving narratives on Twitter they didn’t like. What role did years of such propaganda have in persuading the public to accept the proxy war on Russia in Ukraine?

Column’s up: A curiously well-informed email about Ukraine, Russia and the UK on Hunter Biden’s laptop is a thread that links the President’s classified documents scandal to the Delaware federal investigation into his son’s foreign business dealings. https://t.co/8hu5x5e6RU

This guy is shameless. Boasts about the censorship regime the FBI enforced on social media including to suppress a @nypost story damaging to Joe Biden’s campaign - aka the FBI interfered in the election. Also censored on government orders was info about COVID, Ukraine war etc

The only reason the NYT is now reporting this 2015 Cafe Milano dinner Hunter Biden set up for his VP father and partners from Ukraine. Russia and Kazakhstan was because @nypost broke the story in May 2021. NYT whitewashing what Biden camp denied. Pathetic https://t.co/RGbJmpkm7I https://t.co/rb5gCCewDn

'I spent some time with the Secret Service in Poland and Ukraine.' Apart from the mistaken identity, what does this even mean? What did the USSS do for him in Ukraine that he feels the need to whisper about it? Is he talking about the CIA? Anything is possible in these flashes.

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