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His admin would sell weapons to Ukraine that armed them for the 2021 invasion. He nearly went to war with North Korea only to opt for a photo-op. He did manage to get NATO to pay more, but then again why do we need NATO? 4/

I think it is time we ought to demand more is done in the way of Ukraine and Taiwan than just shipping money overseas. We should be truly fighting for democracy.

Did anyone seriously think the GOP was gonna stop the cash flow to Ukraine when their Platform (sans Trump) in 2016 was "Invade Syria bc Putin"?

@Breaking911 He might as well say there's peace in Ukraine, China is no longer Communist, and there will be ice cream for everyone.

@Partisan_O @apmassaro3 Yep, it all started with him and I'm sick to death of people acting like Ukraine just magically became a thing in 2014 with absolutely no backdrop.

Legit, this upset me more than the rape and pillaging of our collective treasury to fund Ukraine with even more weapons and Biden's kid with more cash for hookers and blow.

@Based_Mr_L And yet we are all supposed to forget all of it and focus on Ukraine and Putler.

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