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@HCeku @FIFAcom @FFK_KS You’ll have to explain that one… where are the xenophobic & genocidal messages written?? Clearly Serbia believes that Kosovo wasn’t legally & legitimately separated from Serbia - similar to Crimea and Ukraine in some ways

@ZelenskyyUa @POTUS Which is why Ukraine abstained on UN vote on Cuba and the disgusting immoral blockade

@DmytroKuleba Any reason Ukraine abstained from vote of Cuba at UN? Only US & Israel vote against and a small number including Ukraine and Brazil abstained? Was that the price of weapons from US

@Kalell81 @DavQuinn Ultimately Ukraine cannot win this war militarily- that was obvious from the start - especially if Putin is prepared to be desperate. Peace talks are the only way forward

@DavQuinn You’re a Christian David, when Russia invaded were Ukraine not supposed to “turn the other cheek” - is that not what Jesus taught? Wud a different form of non violent non-cooperating resistance not saved many lives? Playing long game let sanctions work? Was this a viable option?

@pavelmedojed @JulianRoepcke And you too! Lovely way to treat friends of Ukraine

@pavelmedojed @JulianRoepcke Do you label all those who support Ukraine and oppose Russian aggression but don’t see a military solution to this horrible war as Vatnik??

Good to hear the @BBCNews refer to the 4 regions of Ukraine annexed by Russia as unlawfully occupied - I take it that the BBC will be updating its language on reports in the Middle East referring to West Bank & East Jerusalem as unlawfully occupied too for consistency

@MorgenrothEdgar @saoirse161616 @EamonRyan So you won’t answer the question of the right of Palestinians to defend themselves from their occupation like Ukraine?

@MorgenrothEdgar @saoirse161616 @EamonRyan Do u believe Palestinians have same right2resist occupation as Ukraine & will u b calling on Irish gov & EU 2send weapons2 West Bank 2help them end illegal & brutal occupation? Personally i think that wud be bad & cause more death but assuming u disagree on this like Ukraine

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