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Michael Frömmel
Professor of #finance at Ghent University (@ugent), tweeting about my work and research, mainly on #foreignexchange, #FX, #microstructure, but also about policy
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@Ati1513 @visegrad24 So tell me the argument. If there had been no NS1, had Russia not invaded the Ukraine? Of course he had.

@Ati1513 @visegrad24 Another lie. Germany has sent substantial support to Ukraine. The largest in the EU.

@Ati1513 @visegrad24 And you still brought a valid argument on how NS1 or 2 made it possible to invade Ukraine.

@shavrover @MaMii13mia @BatemanOlya @DMokryk Typical: Criticizing Ukraine. Reaction: Visit Bucha or Mariupol.

@alexandradepn1 @GerardAraud Everybody condemns this. So Ukraine exported lots of arms to Russia, that's where we stopped, right?

@alexandradepn1 @GerardAraud Ukraine fits well into that round, right? I did not find figures for 2014-2017, but only in 2018, before thy stopped they exported arms worth 52 million USD to Russia. So I would say they are not in the position to accuse others. https://t.co/zM5ZMTTxWQ

@kikiwora @apmassaro3 So what, no thinking person would call this a weapon. Which weapons did the Ukraine export to Russia?

@kikiwora @apmassaro3 So maybe we should stop supplying gas to everybody, including Ukraine... Never seen such fucking ungrateful people.

@weegeedutchie @NylaMLBB He is simply a narcissus, but he has no intellectual or scientific background. As far as I know he does not even have any personal experience regarding either Russia, or CEE, or Ukraine.

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