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馃挰 #Zakharova: The day the decision was made to supply Leopards to Ukraine became historic because it finally witnessed Germany's absolute loss of its sovereignty 馃嚛馃嚜 鈽濓笍 @OlafScholz has signed in the refusal of an independent German foreign policy.

馃挰 #Zakharova: Moldovan authorities are taking the same path that the Baltic states and later Ukraine followed, under Western supervision. 鈽濓笍 Official Chisinau鈥檚 actions are deeply worrying and have a negative effect on our bilateral relations.

馃挰#Zakharova: The West鈥檚 financial, military and humanitarian aid to Ukraine has become a source of thriving corruption. Its scale defies any analysis. 鈽濓笍 This worries Washington, which sent CIA Director to Kiev, the trip resulting in a series of high-profile dismissals.

鉂楋笍 The only threat to that city with a rich history [#Odessa] comes from Ukraine鈥檚 nationalist regime, which has been systematically destroying monuments to the great founders and defenders of Odessa. 馃憠 Read in full:

#Opinion by Maria Zakharova Former Polish Foreign Minister Radoslaw Sikorski said Warsaw considered partitioning Ukraine when Russia's special military operation started This is what we talked about. There were no official confirmations. Now there are 馃敆

馃帣 FM #Lavrov following a meeting with President of Belarus: 馃嚪馃嚭馃嚙馃嚲 We share a common position regarding specific goals that have to be attained, so that no threats to Russia and Belarus would emanate from our neighbors, including Ukraine or others. 馃敆

馃帣 Briefing by @mfa_russia Spokeswoman Maria #Zakharova Key talking points: 馃敼 FM #Lavrov's schedule 馃敼 #RussiaBelarus 馃敼 #Ukraine 馃敼 #Afganistan 馃敼 #Armenia-#Azerbaijan settlement 馃敼 #NordStream 馃敼 #Brazil 馃敼 #Peru And more... 馃摪

馃挰#Zakharova: The conflict in Ukraine has turned into a gold mine for the US defence industry. 鉂楋笍While using Ukrainians as cannon fodder, the American elites have been catering to the interests of their industrialists, who profit from weapons deliveries to Ukraine and elsewhere.

馃挰 #Zakharova: The #US & its #NATO allies ignore efforts to cultivate neo-Nazism in Ukraine, viewing the revival of the Bandera movement as part of its struggle against Russia. 鉂 They are doing everything possible to ensure that this ideology becomes the main in Ukraine.

#Opinion by Maria #Zakharova 馃挰After all, all those Kurti, Zelensky & others who like chanting Glory to Ukraine only pretend that they object to being labelled neo-Nazis. I think that they will soon say: Yes, we are Nazis, but what can you do about it? 馃敆

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