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@M_Millerman Until 24.02 putin had everything Mask suggesting give him: Crimean, neutral Ukraine, etc. Did it help? Appeasing of a terrorist, threatening the world with nuclear bombs is never an answer. Next time putin鈥檒l want California, should it be given to the terrorist?

@elonmusk You repeat russian propaganda. UA was neutral, and even did not try to get back Crimea in 2022, did it help? Or putin stared a war, killed hundreds thousand? putin claimed that Ukraine and Ukrainians do not exist, let鈥檚 make him pleasure and kill all Ukranians?

@elonmusk If you didn鈥檛 want to live in South Africa, you took your staff and moved to another country, didn鈥檛 you? Or you demanded that this place became Canadian? Russians have their country, if they don鈥檛 want to live in Ukraine - they can move and live there without killing Ukrainians

@Sputnik_Not @amnesty so obviously works for terrorist #1 putin, that this claim could be true. Only, they would blame Ukraine in shooting untrained Russians

@VALMICHEL7 Glory to Ukraine! More weapons to Ukraine!

@steve_tf @v_milov @Biz_Ukraine_Mag Bullshit. Navalny has never said so. He stands for Russia has borders, defined in 1991, and Crimea is Ukraine

@JoshGloT @AlexKokcharov Because Azov is not nazis, they are soldiers and defenders of Ukraine. Love to own country makes them nazis only in Russian propaganda

@MinkinaNataly @AnneKJung1 @olgatokariuk @Ukraine You can easily check that by registering there and trying to buy an image. If there any condition or restriction of using it. Of course, a photographer can鈥檛 know or predict who and how be using the photos. For me it鈥檚 a strange idea to sell kids鈥 photos

@AnneKJung1 @MinkinaNataly @olgatokariuk @Ukraine You didn鈥檛 find it because no exist sanctions for selling photos to Russia. There may be a voluntary decision of a company not to deal with Russian IPs, but the photographer sold the photos with her son and somebody鈥檚 child. I鈥檇 ask does she got a permission for using the girl

A girl in prison since March and can get up to 10 years for changing the price tags in one shop for anti-war ones. Like 鈥淩ussia destroyed 20 hospitals in Ukraine last week鈥 鈥滒焽佛焽篵ecame a fascists state and invaded 馃嚭馃嚘鈥

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