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@susan_bravery Don't worry. Black Rock already have the reconstruction contracts sewn up and no doubt there will be UK banks among the Western banks and IMF raking in the money from the loans to Ukraine for years to come. The pigs with snouts in the trough will continue to get fat from this.

The only positive thing one can cite about the Ukraine war at the moment is that Germany has accelerated its investment in Alternative Energy. #ClimateEmergency

"If the West continues to support Ukraine as it is supporting, the violence could go on a higher level"

As Bakhmut looks increasingly likely to fall soon, with street battles now happening, at the cost of 1000s of lives on both sides, it really is time West's leaders stopped pretending it's a winnable war & all parties pushed for a peace agreement in #Ukraine to end the carnage鈽笍

No. Does my opposition to the escalation of the Nato proxy war in Ukraine make me pro-Russian?

A question for those who advocate fueling the war in Ukraine. How many more Ukrainian & Russian deaths & how much destruction is it worth to satisfy neocon ambitions (bearing in mind that Black Rock has already signed the contracts for reconstruction & it benefits Raytheon & co.)

@kimhowarddc @WashTimes When the tanks eventually arrive they'll be outnumbered 10:1 by the Russians' who at the same time are arming themselves to fight off not just Ukraine but the whole of Nato. The only options are escalation or peace. War will end when public support ends. I know which side I am on

Revolting to see the glee of those celebrating the West's decision to supply more tanks to Ukraine. It will only prolong the carnage without changing the end result. #StopTheWar

@RobertsonCaroli Britain shouldn't 1) because military aid is fueling the prolongation of the conflict and 2) because the war is being conducted in the interests of the neoliberal elites, not the people of the UK or indeed of Ukraine.

Despite their country having itself been invaded by the USSR during the cold war, many Czechs are willing to march in the cold through the streets of Prague, protesting against sanctions on Russia and against arming the Ukraine regime.

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