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@ggreenwald Lula is anti-Ukraine (anyone who ask for diplomacy is objectively pro-Putin regime) because his party is childly anti-US. Your take, again, makes no sense.

@namejs10 @ggreenwald @rustyrockets Oh boy, I like him when he says journalism is fighting centers of power, but his grasp on Ukraine is wrong. What Russians and Ukrainians mean by “Nazi” is “enemies of Russia”, not some kind of German ethnic supremacy. He’s so wrong that drives me crazy.

@namejs10 @ggreenwald @rustyrockets In US, I see your point and probably agree with you. In Ukraine under shelling and full of saboteurs, not so much.

@ggreenwald Everytime @ggreenwald says some like this, he shall receive a result of Russian shelling on Ukraine civilians. This is a father by his son’s corpse:

@MitchTweets2022 @ggreenwald @navyyardproject Hitler is something else. But I would not underestimate Russian imperialistic take on their justification of war. They think Ukraine is a colony (you could “part of their sphere of influence”, but this is just a euphemism).

@MitchTweets2022 @ggreenwald @navyyardproject But you can believe that a state with nukes is really worried about ground invasion. There, Russia controls the Black Sea. They could have cut many deals with Ukraine. No. They tried to suppress Ukrainian government with a swift stroke and failed.

@shawnpisteySC @spaghettiking10 @EDaibutsu @AurelianofRome @ggreenwald Ukraine is at war. There were many cases of Russian collaborationists. That’s bad, but understandable. The alternative is Mariupol, Bucha, Aleppo, you name it.

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