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Grabbed power and consolidated his largely undemocratic rule in Ukraine. Sixteen opposition parties that were banned by a court in Lviv in Western Ukraine after hasty proceedings and without any lawyers present include several left parties.

For instance by blocking the Constitutional Court of Ukraine and by imposing sanctions against some opposition leaders on treason trumped-up treason. He used the Russian invasion and the war as a pretext to eliminate most of the political opposition and potential rivals.

Crushing of dissent is essential for public support for NATO’s proxy war in Ukraine to be maintained. Russian media has already been wiped from the Western-controlled internet sphere. Ukrainian ‘kill lists’ such as the infamous Myrotvorets are accepted.

@AFP @AFPphoto Ukraine says missiles hit the convoy of ethnic Russians fleeing to Russian occupied areas. However the damage is inconsistent with a missile. Intact glas and dents. Probably another Ukranian propaganda lie. They've been the rule since Babchenko.

What is the nature of the Russia-Ukraine war and the political transition in #Ukraine during the Maidan? This issue produced divergent narratives of this war and the Maidan in scholarly studies, the media, and governments in different countries.

@ALinnean1000 It won't. NATO can't accept Ukraine with territory under occupation as Article 5 can't be claimed retroactively.

Ukraine applying to join NATO. Turkey going to be a kingmaker.

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