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Engineer/animal lover/Pro Democracy /Pro Brexit, friendly in nature I follow interesting/intelligent/common sense people regardless of their political bias.
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@TOlszanowski @apmassaro3 Get yourself over to Ukraine if you鈥檙e that much gagging for war, they are still looking for volunteers

@Mr_Anderton_ @jacksonhinklle No,you are either too dumb to understand basic English or are shite at creating a straw man argument, the only thing he implied was that 3 countries were refusing to arm Ukraine

@Mr_Anderton_ @jacksonhinklle Genuine answer, nowhere in his tweet has he stated that he has a problem with Ukraine

@JackMinall @iamobie_1 @shaung79 @KimDotcom Do you honestly think the war in Ukraine is going their way? It鈥檚 going to be a long hard winter for them I would think

@veronika91654 @apmassaro3 Ah so Russian is your 1st language, ok Who is we by the way? You and your sister? As you are surely not speaking for the whole of Ukraine are you

@WorldFall22 @OneQuantumLeap @DPJHodges Bless your little clueless socks. & nah sorry but I have to admit I鈥檓 not in love with Putin, I haven鈥檛 even met the bloke let alone fight for him, besides that I鈥檓 a pacifist, unlike you who seems to be gagging for nuclear war Ukraine are taking on volunteers get yourself away

@Chris343963782 @ResistNarrative @Flemishman79 @apmassaro3 Did you know after said coup Crimea held a referendum on whether to stay in Ukraine or rejoin Russia, they chose Russia not because they were 鈥渇orced鈥 that鈥檚 nonsense and you know it, but because they knew that a US puppet regime had been installed in Ukraine

@Chris343963782 @ResistNarrative @Flemishman79 @apmassaro3 Is that all you got? The usual insults? And nah not a lover of Putin but you feel free to go fight for your beloved Nazis in Ukraine naziboy and you鈥檙e a disgrace to humankind 馃し鈥嶁檪锔

@perkins_27 @FractalFlows @PeterZeihan And how do you know that 鈥淯kraine has already effectively won鈥 pray tell?

@WayneCapablanca @mtracey And what has blinded you to the horrors suffered by the people of the Donbass at the hands of the Ukraine for the last 8yrs?

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