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The thesis of this article is that Joe Biden and Boris Johnson (?) teamed up in a conspiracy to prevent Ukraine from agreeing to foreswear NATO membership, thus forcing Russia to invade which helps Biden get revenge on Russia for helping Trump.

Add this to the “all Putin’s plans are backfiring” file — Israel mostly did *not* want to side strongly with Ukraine, but Russia’s desperation for friends got them relying on Iran so…

@DouthatNYT That’s a problem for Ukraine’s policy vis a vis Russia but I don’t think necessarily a problem for American policy.

An underrated “realist” take on Russia-Ukraine is that it’s *Russia* that needs to take a more realistic assessment of where things stand and where its core interests lie and halt a disastrous course of action that’s at best going to make them an adjunct to China.

This war has brought nothing but misery and ruin to Russia and even successfully conquering Ukraine wouldn’t achieve anything useful. The way to peace is for Russia to stop invading!

Gotta bring back Ukraine as “the current thing” — I’m way more interested in reading about this than the new King of Australia.

Beyond the battlefield specifics, probably important for Ukraine to show strength of arms while Europe is feeling the squeeze of the gas cutoff — a big part of Russia’s strategy is to get Tucker Carlson etc to argue that the war is hopeless.

I’m not really a European domestic politics-knower but I think just as invading Ukraine led Finland & Sweden into NATO that actually using the gas weapon is going to backfire on Russia.

Same question about this — creating inflation in the west to try to get concessions on Ukraine makes sense. But then why undermine your own bargaining by lying about what is causing the inflation?

If Ukraine had invaded Russia, I would absolutely not have favored the United States responding to that with sanctions on Russia and material aide to Ukraine. That would be crazy. But it’s not what happened and to me that makes a big difference.

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