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To be clear, Sacks was talking there about why he thinks the US government should let Putin conquer Ukraine. Sparing VCs embarrassment over having encouraged their portfolio companies to keep their operating capital in an insolvent bank is a higher and more important cause.

We鈥檝e spent a lot in Ukraine but it鈥檚 less than the 2006-2012 era of Iraq/Afghanistan spending, doesn鈥檛 involve any Americans getting killed, and seems to me like it鈥檚 working better.

If you think that invading and occupying Mexico could be accomplished for a fraction of what we鈥檙e spending on Ukraine, I鈥檇 invite you to consider the financial cost of occupying the much smaller country of Iraq.

I鈥檝e been thinking about this whole war in Ukraine situation and have decided it would be better if everyone would reach a fair and mutually agreeable peace deal instead of fighting.

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