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@Keepnitreal74 @GuyGadboisGuyG1 @mazemoore Trump would have witheld miltary aid for Ukraine. Like he did before He would be eating out of Putins hand like he did in Helsinki Putins plan fell apart because Trump wasn't reelected. Biden backed Ukraine and will back Ukraine as long as neccessary Trump never would!

@heesinator @DonnieDarkened @mazemoore And Trump witheld military aid from Ukraine. Trump betrayed the Kurds in Syria who fought for the US against ISIS. And he insulted the arabs and palestinians by moving the US embassy in Israel. What exactly did Trump do to improve world peace?

@DiracImpulse @Miki78746237 @wartranslated They need loyalists, lie-tellers. Not people who tell how bad the shape of the Russian army really is, otherwise the canon-fodder won't go into Ukraine.

@Satsuma22802712 @moravagin @sTeamTraen @wartranslated It think that's Ukraine next priority. To cut off or target the supply lines from Donbass to Crimea. The other supply line (Kerch bridge) is already partially destroyed.

@Satsuma22802712 @moravagin @sTeamTraen @wartranslated Every time Ukraine fakes a river crossing Russia has to move their artillary within himars range. Ukrainians have outsmarted Russia in Kyiv, Kharkiv, Snake Island, the black sea, Kerch Bridge, Sevastopol...they'll find a way!

@_timbo1001 @CatioMiles @francis_scarr Redeployed like in Ukraine is now using that equipment to fight the Russiand.

@AntonioYebouet @VictorG25904668 @ttchiwandire @KyivIndependent Ukraine produces 1/6th of the worlds grain. That's a lot! If Ukrainian grain gets contaminated, Europe and Africa will be competing with each other for grain, rice, beans, mais, etc. from other continents. Africa is a net importer of food Less food + more demand = higher price

@poussah @wartranslated Ukraine did a great job defending the shale-gas basin. The Russians failed to capture the parts of Donetsk and Kharkiv Oblast where the gas field is located.

@OrkishAmerican @djkidas @Volcano_King @M_AureliusMor @Filipinoskillz @KyivIndependent It was not the number of soldiers. It was the superior military equipment of Russia that allowed them to capture some parts of Ukraine in the beginning. But most of it is destroyed, so even 2 million Russians will not change the outcome.

@chinweubaofor @KyivIndependent How on earth do you want us to believe that Ukraine is losing the war?

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