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Devorah Marx
"If you do not move- you do not know that you are in chains" (Rosa Luxemburg)
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@AZgeopolitics @jayzheather7 Ukraine is laughing all the way to the Bank.......

@LucasGage84 @vikingstadt Now that Ukraine awarded Sakharov Prize- Gives it carte blanche to do even norre corrption- protected by NATO/US Well done Sakharov Panel You can now disband having jettisoned all credibility FEh!

@ggreenwald US cannot restrict $aid to Ukraine How will Zelesky's parents afford to furnish the $6nnillion luxury seaside honne they have just prchased in Israel?

@Kasparov63 @jilllewis33 For non propagandized reporting re UK/Russia See (a) Scott Ritter(b)Grayzone(Independent)news/reporting(c) "Pushback" Unless you prefer to cling on to State orchestrated pro Ukraine propaganda

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